Courtesy of Girls Gone Wildlife
You love this ass! Debbie Attias takes a cross country bike ride to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund.

Former Avenue D Singer Bikes Across America

Does she look like a slut? No, Debbie Attias, half of the now-defunct, Brooklyn-based, MIA born-and-raised Avenue D, looks like a cyclist. She and friend Karin Chao are riding bikes across America to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. Their route is taking them from California to New York, and they’re documenting all their new friends and adventures along the way.

So far, my favorite post takes place in Torrey, Utah, and involves Debbie and a camel. Another takes place in Telluride, Colorado. Here's an excerpt:

We stopped at a bike shop to fix our bikes. While we were there the desk girl said to us, “It's my obligation to tell you that this weekend is the 'nothing festival' because it's the only weekend in the summer where there is no festival. So there's a NAKED BIKERIDE through town tonight, meet us at the bar at 8."

Want to see more, check out the official site and photo diary at www.girlsgonewildlife.org.

-- Jacob Katel

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