Flyer of the Day: Beings, St. Dad, and Heart Strings at Sweat Records on Wednesday

Usually we save the "Flyer of the Week" accolades for Friday, but here's a last-minute entry that we have to share before it becomes null and void. We give you the yellow-and-black job heralding, uh, "a new kind of playas ball" at Sweat on Wednesday. Back in the days of actual photocopied flyers, designers had to rely on this kind of black - and - negative - space thing for legibility and contrast. In these days of Photoshop and Facebook invites, that kind of design is just a nostalgia trip.

....Oh yeah, and there's a huge ass on the flyer. In Miami, that hardly warrants a mention, except for that creepy dude below it. Who/what is that? It looks like someone's face superimposed on MySpace Tom's infamous thumbs-up. 

As for the music itself, just ignore the ironic descriptions; there's no booty bass here. The garage-tastic Jacuzzi Boys were originally set to headline this gig, but had to drop off. Handling the main slot now is Beings, a heavy-ish experimental Miami supergroup of sorts, featuring local celebs like Mike Alen and Beatriz Monteavaro in its lineup. Opening up are local newcomers Heart Strings, and sandwiched in the middle are straight-ahead Gainesville fuzz-punkers St. Dad. The show is free, although money for the touring band is welcome, and ass is as cheap as you can get it.

Wednesday, March 3. Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. Show starts at 8 p.m. 786-693-9309;

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Arielle Castillo
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