Flo Rida's Manager on Getting Ejected From Heat Game: "Fool! I'm From Dade County!"

Historically, South Florida sports fans have been accused of being bandwagon jumpers. The '95-'96 Panthers, the 2003 Marlins, UM in the 2000s, etc.

But last night, an unlikely source proved that Heat fans ride-or-die for their squad when Flo Rida's manager, Freezy, was ejected from the Triple following a courtside confrontation with an Indiana Pacers benchwarmer.

"Well, a lot of conversation going on, a lot of trash talking over here by the Indiana bench," TNT commentator Craig Sager said during the broadcast.

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Pacers supplemental big man Jeff Pendergraph began spiraling out-of-control near the tail end of Game Seven. Down 26 points, the future not-hall-of-famer shoved Norris Cole in an effort to make headlines, forgoing good sportsmanship and karma in the process.

Unsettled by the back-up baller's blatant disrespect, however, Flo Rida's manger, seated near the Indiana bench, decided to take matters into his own hands.

"It actually was Flo Rida's manager who was ejected," Sager continued. "He and Pendergraph had been going back and forth, it got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him."

NBA referee Ken Mauer also ejected Pendergraph and Cole, though we're not entirely sure why the innocent latter got the boot.

Of course, Freezy ain't ashamed or apologetic. Commenting on his ejection from the AAA, Flo's manager simply posted an Instagram pic of him getting the boot, along with the caption: "Fool I'm from DADE COUNTY!!!"

As for Pendergraph, who cares?

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