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Flo Rida Baby Mama Drama, Ordered to Pay Child Support by State of Florida

Uh-oh. Flo Rida's Miami Heat floor seats and his $2.25 million gold-wrapped Bugatti Veyron may be in jeopardy.

The Florida Department of Revenue filed legal documents requiring the 33-year-old rapper to fork over child support in a highly contested paternity suit filed two years ago by Gloria Holloway, reports TMZ. Whether Flo is the father, however, remains a mystery... sort of.

"There is absolutely nothing to indicate that [Flo Rida] was sampled," Holloway's lawyer, Damon McDougal, said in 2011.

Except for Flo Rida himself.

UPDATE A new paternity test apparently proves that Mr. Rida is not the baby daddy.

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According to TMZ, Flo (born Tramar Dillard) took a paternity test in 2011 but used a pseudonym to protect his identity. The results were negative, disproving Holloway's theory that the "Wild Ones" rapper fathered her child.

Committed to prove otherwise, however, Holloway and McDougal continued to fight for justice.

"I really do feel that the only way we are going to get a reliable paternity test is going to be within the confines of some sort of court order," McDougal said in a 2011 statement.

But that never happened. Not publicly, at least.

However, new legal documents, TMZ reports, prove that Flo Rida is the father, even without a court-ordered paternity test to prove otherwise. Because no one is contesting the Department of Revenue's order, paternity legally falls on Flo.

Hey, I heard you were a daddy! Oooh.

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