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Five Reasons to Tune In for the Sunday Coolout on WDNA 88.9 FM

The Sunday Coolout is a weekly radio show hosted by local DJs Sire Esq. and Maneuvers, who you may know from their Champion Sound party.

Ostensibly a jazz show, the Coolout actually offers a rich variety of contemporary music and special guest DJs.

Personally, we can't think of a better way to nurse our Sunday hangover, but if you still need a reason to tune in for this fantastic show every week, we'll give you five.

1. They're Making FM Radio Interesting Again
FM radio has been in steady decline for the last couple decades. With big advertising running the show, the quality of programming has become deplorable. And outside of college radio, there isn't much variety on the local dial. By tuning in for shows of rare substance like the Sunday Coolout, you are helping save the airwaves from absolute cultural oblivion.

2. Jazz Rules
Don't think jazz is hip enough? Jazz cats were the original hipsters. There's not a single style of music at the club on weekends -- whether it's funk, house, hip-hop, or R&B -- that wasn't spawned by jazz. Jazz is the pimp granddaddy of cool.

3. Unique, Eclectic Programming.
Jazz isn't the only style of music you can catch on the Coolout. They're also serving up funk, soul, house, rare groove, Latin fusion, and all sorts of miscellaneous goodies. In this era of predictable Top 40 playlists, it's the rich open-format and obscure offerings on this show that make it most interesting.

4. Kick-Ass Special Guests.
With past guests like legendary hip-hop and house virtuoso King Britt, Stones Throw's Aloe Blacc, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Vikter Duplaix, the Coolout is bringing you some of the most talented and interesting cats in music today.

5. Supporting Local Music
Besides the international heavyweights passing through, the Coolout also features guest favorites from Miami's local music scene, including Mr. Brown, Lumin and DJ Le Spam, as well as a regular rotation of tunes by the likes of Ketchy Shuby, Induce, Free Lve & Albert Vargas, and the Spam All Stars. These days, it's virtually impossible for artists to score FM radio play if they're not on a major label. So, by tuning in for the Coolout, you're giving our talented locals a rare chance to be heard.

Catch the Sunday Coolout every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 p.m. on 88.9 FM or streaming online at wdna.org.

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Sean Levisman