Five Reasons Cassy Britton Rules the Dancefloor

​There are few artists more beloved on the transatlantic house and techno scene than Cassy Britton. But why?

Ask most fans why they love Cassy so much, and they'll most likely say you have to experience one of her live sets to understand. And that's true. It's no coincidence she's presided over Berlin EDM mecca Panorama Bar for a decade, or that she's one of the most highly anticipated headliners at Detroit's Movement Festival and WMC/Miami Music Week each year.

But if you still need further persuasion to catch Cassy throwing down at Space this Saturday with LINK, here are five reasons that make her the undisputed queen of the dancefloor.

5. Her Pipes

Cassy got her start laying down vocals for producers like Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. Her sultry, soulful singing style kind of makes her the Sade of minimal techno. How many DJs can say that?

4. Her Production Style

There's minimal techno, and then there's Cassy -- highly distinctive signature sound that stands above the sea of tedious nondescript minimal saturating the market. Stark, edgy funk stripped down to its rawest elements and infused with her one-of-a-kind vocal soul.

3. Her Catalog

With releases on touchstone underground techno labels like Perlon, Dessous and Oustgut Ton, Cassy's discography is pretty much essential listening for techno heads anywhere.

2. Her Selections

Cassy's powers as a selector are far and beyond her most beloved quality as a DJ. She weaves everything from minimal to deep house to UK garage, playing to the crowd's appetites while schooling them as well. She has the ability to pleasantly surprise even the most jaded minimal head by dropping old forgotten soulful gems at the right unexpected moment. Case in point, this MK dub of Celine Dion which she's been known to wield.

1. Her Attitude

In this age of blasé pokerfaced DJ posers, Cassy exudes a warmth and rapport with her audience which few DJs can even muster. Plus, she usually looks like she's having as much fun behind the decks as the crowd, and nothing gets a dancefloor going more than that.

Cassy with Louis Puig, Patrick M, and Justin Sheppard. Saturday, October 8. Space, 34 NE 11th St., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $20 to $30 plus fees via Call 305-372-9378 or visit

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Sean Levisman