Five Rappers Dumb Enough to Get DUIs in Honor of Flo Rida's Drunk-Driving Arrest

Crossfade is a firm believer in designated drivers. Drunk driving can not only kill you, but it can kill someone else and ruin the lives of their friends and family.

We also believe rappers have a lot of money. We believe this because we watch MTV Cribs. But in the midst of the fish tanks and Scarface posters, was there no spare paper for a DD?

Early this morning, pop-rap sensation Flo Rida was busted for driving under the influence after partying all night at Dream Nightclub in Miami Beach. Flo's offense seems like a good time to bust out the hall of shame.

See the cut for five rappers who were dumb enough to get DUIs.

5. Pitbull

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, was taking his silver Mercedes for a 93MPH joy ride when the boys in blue pulled him over and administered a drunk-driving test. The reggaeton-to-rap crossover artist failed with flying colors and famously told an officer, "This is a big waste of your time, Papo." Pérez's defense argued that the police were targeting a celebrity, and Pitbull was found not guilty. Readers: Does Pitbull's awesome retort make up for his scummy crime?

4. Nas

Though an infamous homophobe, Nas is still a down dude who would never drink and drive. But he would blaze and drive, a fact detectable by highway cops in Stockbridge, Georgia. To Nas's credit, he was pulled over at a traffic stop, not for driving erratically. And even though he owned up to partaking of the sweet leaf prior to getting behind the wheel, the cops claimed they could tell he was high from his "green tongue." Leave a comment letting us know if your tongue ever been turned green from smoking weed. Is high driving the same thing as drunk driving?

3. Young Jeezy

Jeezy gets special recognition for so thoroughly breaking the law. The long list of violations include (1) not having a tag, decal, or proof of insurance; (2) speeding; (3) open container violation; (4) reckless driving, and driving impaired by alcohol or drugs. Jeezy was arrested after leaving the recording studio, where he was working on The Recession album. Did Def Jam skimp on an advance? Crossfade needs to know: Why wasn't the trap rap megastar riding in a diamond-studded Lambo?

2. Bow Wow

Then there was the time Bow Wow tweeted about getting "face numb" wasted while driving around town with Chris Brown and Akon on New Years Eve 2009. Shad Gregory Moss, who originally made his name as teen rapper Lil Bow Wow, gets the Crossfade rapper DUI gold star of shame for not only drinking and tweeting while driving, but actually tweeting about drinking while driving. Have you ever tweeted about tweeting and drinking and driving while tweeting and drinking and driving?

1. Flo Rida

Flo Rida's arrest was a textbook case of a wasted rapper blowing off the speed limit, and not being able to keep their shit together in front of the cops. I mean, seriously, look at his red, bleary, I'm-so-fucking-drunk eyes! DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

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