Five Questions With Stay Hitt's Adam Cheef

​At this point in their music careers, the men of Stay Hitt have earned local legend status. Like old college drinking buddies or that guy in high school that set the principal's car on fire, there's tons of crazy Stay Hitt stories floating around Miami, most likely involving a goat, a machete, and a frisbee.

Unfortunately, it's been at least three years since Stay Hitt's last show. Even so, when there's talk of Miami's faded punk rock scene, many are quick to interrupt and bring up the legend of Stay Hitt. For years, this crew was a mainstay at Churchill's Pub, while sitting atop people's list of bands that really need to put out a goddamn album already.

Fronted by Adam Cheef and joined by Dick Whiskey on bass and Todd Slimak on drums, Stay Hitt draws on the sing-along pop sensibility of early-'80s punk rock, but speeds it up, spits on it, and throws it through a meat grinder. Cheef's voice strains and screeches across ridiculous lyrics, sitting somewhere between comical and nihilistic, while Whiskey and Slimack deftly hold down a serious rhythm section. It's enough to make old-school punkers who long ago cut off their mohawks jump on stage and "Feel The Power."

This Saturday, Stay Hitt will be making a one-time (yeah, right) return to play with The Vibrators and a whole slew of other bands. Expect at least one bloody eye and three stage dives from guys who are way too old to be doing it.

Crossfade reached out to Adam Cheef and asked five questions about the band. As expected, his responses were pretty ridiculous.

Crossfade: Where did you guys go? My best theory is that either Dick went off to the Amazon for a spiritual vision quest or that you've been in an insane asylum?

Adam Cheef: I still don't know where I'm at. 

What is your craziest Stay Hitt story? And remember, I've partied with you guys. So don't bullshit me. I got the dirt already.

Fuck, man. I dunno, lemme see ... There was one occasion when we were havin' a party at my house and there were fuckloads of people there. I think we were all coasting on three or more substances at least and I noticed the bathroom line was getting ungodly long. About a half-hour passes, so I commence bangin' on the door. I got no answer, so I knocked it down (hurt my shoulder dammit) and there is my girlfriend at the time, wrists slit in the tub with the shower going! A few of the boys dropped us off at the ER and went back to the party and I sat in an uncomfortable chair for about five hours. She was fine. Whatta bitch!

What do you think of the state of punk music in 2011?

I think there's awesome bands happening. But nobody can do the fist pump to them, so said awesome bands won't get the attention they deserve. Overall, not a good situation with the punk rock. The Mean Jeans are awesome! Check 'em.

If you had one totally free opportunity to punch anyone in the face, who would it be?

My boss's wife.

So are you guys sticking around? Or is this a one-time only event?

Probably not. But practicing after a couple years' hiatus has been superfun. The show will be even better! Ric, I wanna suck yer tits!

Stay Hitt with The Independents, Dyslexic Postcards, The Can't Stand Ya's, Riot Agents, and Enough. Saturday, October 8. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover costs $10. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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