New Year's Eve

Five Predictions for Drake's New Year's Eve Party at WALL Lounge

It's Drizzy, baby! And 2010 has been a hell of year for everyone's favorite biracial actor-turned-rapper. He opened his tour in Miami, celebrated his 24th birthday at Arkadia and King of Diamonds, and now he's hosting a New Year's Eve Party at the W Hotel South Beach and WALL Lounge.

Plus, he was nominated for his first Grammy without even

releasing an album, married and then divorced Nicki Minaj, and recently graced the cover GQ's "Men of the Year" issue.

With all this attention, we're guessing Drake's party will be

star-studded. We are also guessing some celeb-fueled insanity will go


5. Drake's pal LeBron James will announce he's taking his talents to the North Pole. (It's just too damn hot down here.) He'll crash the party by inviting ESPN, tell them he was inspired by Sarah Palin's Alaska, and predict that his presence alone will reverse global warming.

4. Security will deny entrance to the rest of the Young Money crew. After all, we still don't know who half of them are.

3. John Mayer will show up and croon to an underage (yes, younger than Taylor Swift), big-bootied girl. The cops will arrest him outside the W, he'll go to jail, and we will finally be saved from his nonsense.

2. Lil Wayne will show up dressed as an Na'vi-human hybrid avatar in attempt to prove that he really is not a human being. 

1. After midnight, Drake will announce his new single, "Welcome to Miami 2.0," and immediately fall into the black hole of rapper irrelevance. (R.I.P. Ja Rule and Master P.)

Drake's New Year's Eve Party. Friday, December 31. WET and WALL Lounge at the W Hotel South Beach, 2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 9 p.m. and tickets cost $350 to $675 via Call 305-938-3131 or visit

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Liana Lozada