Five Pieces of Crappy Spice Girls Memorabilia That We Just Can't Throw Away

Perez Hilton believes the new Spice Girls musical will be the best thing on Broadway since Abba. Or, in the words of the Queen of All Media, it's gonna be straight-up "phenom"!

Looks like Absolutely Fabulous's Jennifer Saunders will be in the writer's chair while Mamma Mia!'s Judy Cramer will serve as executive producer. And according to Cramer, the new musical "will encompass the Spice Girls ethos of friendship, identity, and being true to yourself."

With all of this Spicy talk, Crossfade's having flashbacks to a time when we spent our days draped in sexy Union Jack apparel, and our nights dancing like Jazzercise gurus. So in honor of the upcoming Spice Girls musical (and the sweat forming on our brow in anticipation), here are five pieces of crappy Spice Girls memorabilia that we just can't throw out.

5. Spice Girls Deodorant

We spent most of the '90s fantasizing about what the Spice Girls smell like. We used to rub this shit all over our bodies like sunscreen and then spend hours licking ourselves like a cat. Meowing, too.

4. Spice Girls Cheese and Chive Chips

Cheese and chive? An excellent flavor! All that's missing is a Spice Girls Water Pipe to stir up the Spice Girls Munchies.

3. Spice Girls Soda

How else you gonna wash down all that Spice Girls sodium? With Spice Girls high-fructose corn syrup!

2. Spice Girls Polaroid Camera

The Spice Girls Polaroid Camera was the perfect way to tell instantly if we really needed to shave our legs to perfect our Scary Spice costume.

1. Spice Girls Video Adaptation of Spice Girls Movie

Let's get one thing straight ... If we did anything during the height of Girl Power (besides take pictures of ourselves dressed up like a Spice Girl while eating onion cheese chips and chugging soda), we were watching the decade's greatest feature film, Spice World. And if we weren't watching Spice World, we were playing the Spice World video game. And breathing heavily.

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