Art Basel Miami Beach

Five Celebrity Musicians We Plan to Stalk During Art Basel Week

In case you didn't get the memo, haven't listened to the radio or surfed the interwebs lately, Art Basel is upon us. In just one short day, the art-world elite will rub shoulders and imbibe excessively with supermodels, fashion designers, musicians, and VIPs.

While we've already overdosed on Art Basel party news, we hadn't yet identified the celebrity musicians we were planning to stalk this week. Finally, though, we got around to scrawling out our list.

See the cut for Crossfade's top five targets. We've included pictures and video to make sure you can spot 'em, too.

5. Perry Farrell
This guy's been the frontman for Janes Addiction, Porno for Pyros, and Satellite Party. He's created Lollapalooza, and most recently starred alongside his wife Etty Farrell on E!'s Married to Rock. This Thursday, he'll be in town with his spouse for a show at Bardot. We're guessing you might spot them at some of Miami's nicer dining establishments. Or tanning. These two are a beautiful bronze color and that requires maintenance.

4. James Murphy

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy was in town a little over a month ago for an amazing performance at the Fillmore. Unfortunately for you, his performance Wednesday night on South Beach is a private, invite-only MOCA party. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't find him elsewhere.

Rumor has it he might want to practice at a local recording studio. You know, one that has basketball courts and bedrooms. We're guessing he might stick to the district when he's not in session, so get your white bear costumes ready so you can jump up behind him while he's walking down the street. Really, though, if you want a decent shot at spotting him, bandmate Nancy Whang has a DJ set at Bardot on Wednesday night after the private LCD show. Will Jimmy M. be there? 

3. Questlove
Our favorite Philly drummer rose to fame with the Roots, and we can catch him every night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But if you want to get a taste of what Questo can do behind the decks, he'll be DJing with M1 at Bardot on Sunday. We caught him during WMC this past year, and he did a stellar job of mixing funk, soul, disco, and Top 40 hits. Oh, and he doesn't mind posing for pictures with fans. We're pretty sure you can catch him at some of the more low-key parties on South Beach and the Design District this week, too.

2. Steve Martin
OK ... So technically, he's not here as a "musician." He's in celebrated author mode for this Wednesday's private reading of his latest novel, An Object of Beauty, about a female schemer's trip through the New York City art world. But before he became a wordsmith and the Grammy winner for 2010's Best Bluegrass Album, Martin told jokes. Who knows, maybe you can catch him jumping up on stage with an arrow through his head? We sure hope so.

1. Matt & Kim

For the last spot on our stalking list, we've chosen Matt & Kim because they've pretty much morphed into one person. This couple-turned-band's happy-go-lucky indie pop has had us all itching for "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare." The duo's DJ set at Bardot on Friday proves they'll be in town, and we're just hoping we'll run into the Brooklynites at a coffee shop. Or a yoga class. Or strolling the beach during "Daylight." Hey, sometimes we need a little happy to make us happy.

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Christine Borges