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Five Best Blogs to Download Electronic Music

This isn't the '90s anymore. People don't actually buy music. We download it for free.

Most blogs do their best to only post what they consider to be quality tracks. But let's be real. Most electronic music blogs are garbage. Why? Because most of the cats running these blogs have never been to South Beach. They don't know what world-class electronic music is because they've never actually heard it.

That being said, there are a handful of blogs out there dedicated in supplying their visitors with the good shit. See the cut for the five best blogs to download electronic music.

5. Bacau House Mafia

Pros: A great place to preview and download quality house music. Bacau House Mafia posts a whole lotta tracks each and every day. An awesome feature is the ability to download packs of tracks at once. Nice, clean, and simple layout.

Cons: The amount of tracks posted every day can become a bit overwhelming. And the user can't preview tracks without opening a new browser tab.

4. Kid City Blog

Pros: With an eclectic selection of alternative electronic music tracks, Kid City Blog's got cool design and simple layout. It also features include interviews, the ability to share posts, a rating system, and a SoundCloud drop box for submitting promos. Awesome post descriptions.

Cons: Some songs aren't available for download and the selection can be at times a bit "out there."

3. House Music 4 Life

Pros: A great selection of house and techno is posted daily to House Music 4 Life. Tracks are tagged by genre for easy browsing. Clean and simple blog layout that includes a ShoutBox for requests and promo purposes.

Cons: Overall, this blog lacks character and posts are sterile. Visitors do not have the ability to preview the track without being redirected to new tab.

2. Electro Station

Pros: Electro Station specializes in daily posts with phat stacks of quality tracks that span all electronic music genres. Posts are tagged and categorized for easy browsing. Visitors have the ability to preview tracks without leaving the page. Features include ShoutBox, post rating system, as well as an updated list of top 10 tracks.

Cons: Blog has no visual style and the color scheme is hard on the eyes.

1. The Fresh Beat

Pros: The Fresh Beat has a seriously dope selection of electronic music -- plus awesome design, style and swagger. Features include a forum and on-site social network where visitors can create profiles, upload pictures and videos, and share music. Visitors have the ability to preview tracks within the blog. The Fresh Beat is dynamic and innovative.

Cons: Users can't rate posts.

-- Sean Ballent

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