Finally, Something for the Kids in West Kendall: Skateboard Rodeo at West Wind Lakes Skatepark This Weekend

While it's true that most of this town's activities go down near the shores of the Atlantic, most of the patronage comes from the cultural "wasteland" of Kendall and West Kendall. So it's incredibly fitting that a little skate park tucked away in the swampy suburbs will be peachy-keen to host a cool, three-day shindig in the spirit of community and giving. West Wind Lakes Skatepark is also home to Sugar Drop Shop, the governing body of this event.

On schedule for the weekend's festivities are a $300 best trick contest, a longboard death race, punk rock flea market, live bands on Saturday and Sunday, DJs, mechanical bulls, BBQ, hot rods, and a shitload more of stuff that will surely entertain and delight all age groups. Hell, maybe pops will try to show off and teach you that perfect no-comply he's been talking about for ages.

This is clearly a time-tested recipe for fun. And since this is more for fun and community than money, peeps who just want to enjoy the atmosphere can pay a miserable three bucks while skaters can pay a fiver. The contest does require a $10 participation fee, but that's peanuts if you compare that to the hassle of making it out the beach and finding a decent parking spot.

Enough!, Kid Chameleon, DJ Amado and more. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, June 18 through Sunday, June 20. West Wind Lakes Skatepark, 6805 SW 152nd Ave., Miami (Kendall.) 305-388-4771; sugarsdropshop.com

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