Fernando Perdomo's Bromance With David Cassidy: "He's the Total Package"

Anyone who's followed the musical adventures of Fernando Perdomo knows that he's never met a musical icon that he doesn't admire.

Or so it seems ... We don't really know which musical icons he's actually met. But judging from his wealth of influences, it's likely he knows several spiritually, if not in the flesh.

So too, from the way he talks about his upcoming gig with former teen heartthrob David Cassidy, it's pretty clear he's been smitten. In fact, the possibility of there being a genuine bromance is definitely not out of the question.

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Perdomo performs with Cassidy at a Miami event boldly billed as Stargala, which, according to its organizers, honors those who share a commitment to professional excellence and making a difference in the South Florida community. He got the gig last March, and while some cynics may scoff at Cassidy's teenybopper image, Fernando couldn't be happier.

"David Cassidy is a legend who is an important part of pop music history," Perdomo beams. "His career spans way farther than his Keith Partridge persona. He's a skilled songwriter and a master guitarist.

"He's well respected by musicians and representative of what the X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol often seem to be missing. David Cassidy is the total package, an actor, songwriter and instrumentalist. He was David Cassidy before television ever got to him."

If Perdomo seems somewhat taken, suffice to say it isn't merely a matter of gratuitous praise. He obliged us with a list of his top five favorite David Cassidy songs... and surprisingly he didn't even have to include "I Think I Love You" among them. Here's what he offered as affirmation of his admiration:

Fernando Perdomo's Favorite David Cassidy Songs

1. "Daydreamer" - "He sounds like Eric Carmen meets Freddie Mercury on this."

2. "Song For a Rainy Day" - "An amazing song which David wrote."

3. "I Write the Songs" -- "He made it a hit before Barry Manilow, and his version is produced by the writer himself -- Beach Boy Bruce Johnston."

4. "A Fool in Love" - "His voice really shines here. He sounds like Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet."

5. "January" - "I love the band Pilot and the fact that he covered their amazing power pop gem is a sign of his maturity as an artist."

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Still, being skeptics, we here at Crossfade couldn't help but question how Perdomo got paired up with a guy who clearly hails from a much earlier era. "This is not an unusual bill," he insists. "Me and David write and perform what I call 'Sophisticated Pop Music,' and

we both drive the girls crazy with our good looks!"

Well, OK, Fernando ... What else have you got?

"We both act. I was in a film called The Last Semester and I wrote music for the Bruce Willis flick Catch .44."

Showbiz aside, Perdomo also credits Cassidy for the role he's taken in the fight to cure Alzheimers. "He has really taken advantage of his position as a celebrity to make a difference and I respect that."

We suspect our boy is starstruck, but far be it for us to judge the extent of his emotion. Still, this final comment is telling. "I look forward to meeting David," Fernando says earnestly. "And meeting some of his smoking hot cougar fans!"

David Cassidy at Stargala. With Fernando Perdomo, Erotic Exotic, and others. Saturday, November 3. Magic City Casino, 450 NW 37th Ave., Miami. Visit stargala.org.

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