Fatboy Slim Talks American Independence, Pool Parties, and Laser Attacks

It's been 235 years since the Founding Fathers won us our freedom from all those evil, red-clad limeys. The war is so over. And yet Brit club-killer Fatboy Slim (AKA Norman Cook) seems to be plotting a counterattack for this Fourth of July.

Admittedly, Crossfade is frazzled. And you should be worried too. What exactly is Mr. Cook cooking up? Will there be cannonballs and muskets? And who will be left dancing when Fatboy and his Aussie sidekick Dirty South invade the Surfcomber Hotel's seventh annual IndepenDANCE pool party?

We called Cook. And while he mentioned shooting lasers at the Statue of Liberty, the rest of the conversation was significantly less hostile.

Crossfade: What does it mean to you as a Brit to be spinning on the anniversary of our independence from your country?

Fatboy Slim: It's a delicious irony, and I'm quite happy to come over and help you celebrate 'cause you're much better off without us. Viva the revolution!

We'll surely hear all the Fatboy Slim favorites. But is there anything you're planning that we wouldn't expect?

I always try to do something unexpected. And obviously, I hope for something tropical in Miami. I just got back from playing the Great Wall of China, and there I dropped the a capella of "Wonderwall."

Who are some artists you've been promoting lately that you also might include in your set?

I'm a big fan of His Majesty Andre, Riva Starr, and Martin Solveig.

You're headlining the Surfcomber pool party along with Dirty South. Are you cool with him at all?

I haven't met him yet, actually. But I'm a fan of his work. I haven't encountered him on my travels, so I'm looking forward to that.

Right before you get to Miami, you have a pretty massive weekend, right?

Well, it's probably a good part of the world to be in on Fourth of July weekend. That weekend, it's Governors Island in New York, Vegas, and Miami.

What do you expect from Governors Island? I hear that's supposed to be an enormous event.

Every time we do a party somewhere you don't normally have parties, like a beach in Brighton or somewhere that's outdoors but isn't a festival. With the Statue of Liberty in the background and the history of that island, I think it's going to raise the excitement levels. We're going to negotiate with the FAA to see if we can project lasers on the Statue of Liberty so the Brits go home with something.

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What's the rest of your summer lookin' like?

I just got back from going around the world. I started in Ibiza, and then did Vegas, Movement in Detroit, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, the Great Wall. I've got some festivals around Europe, like Glastonbury, and five shows in Ibiza.

It's been one of your busiest years touring. Why did you decide to go so hard in 2011?

Last year, I did 60 shows. And this year, I'm doing 70. Age-wise, I'm probably coming to the end of my shelf life, and I'm determined to ring the best out of it. And we've got a shit-hot show at the moment with the visuals and newfound freedom of using Serato DJ software.

So you just started using Serato DJ software. How have your sets changed because of it?

It's great being able to do mashups. 'Cause before, you were always limited to the version of the tune that was released. Now I find myself on planes and in airports just doing edits. It's good that you can manipulate the music more, and make your own mashups on the move.

Fatboy Slim with Dirty South as part of the IndepenDANCE Pool Party. Monday, July 4. Surfcomber Hotel, 1717 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 11 a.m. and tickets cost $55 to $75 via wantickets.com. Visit surfcomber.com.

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