Fashion Freakouts From Halloween in Miami

Happy Halloween, Miami!

All of the city's horny black cats are prowling the streets and dressed to the 9 lives. Long before tonight, the 305 has been raging in costumes glorious enough to make the professionals jealous.

You guys really went all out this year. So we've compiled some of our favorite pre-All Hollows' Eve party outfits into one big festively creepy-sexy collection.

These are Crossfade's top ten Fashion Freakouts from Halloween in Miami so far. Keep 'em coming!

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Meeeow! Batman doesn't stand a chance against this Catwoman. By the look of his left pec, she's already sunk her claws in deep. You can bet this couple had some sexy fun when they got home.

But wait! Even more fierce Batman villains lurk in the sensual shadows. This Poison Ivy is ripe and ready for the picking and itching. Still, something tells us that the carpet doesn't match the drapes.

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Whoa ... We're floored by this stellar space traveler. Astrobro went all out on his getup. We'd let him take us to another planet, as long as we get to wear the helmet.

This is some damn good body paint, y'all. We're not exactly sure what they're supposed to be ... Maybe some kind of cyborg muscle man and gypsy mermaid? But they look fabulous, whatever they are.

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Speaking of great paint, these faces are to die for! The spooky ones really know how to strike a pose, and the Egyptian queen isn't looking so bad herself.

Again, we're not totally sure what these women are supposed to be, but they really put the time and effort in. And we don't necessarily think it's because they don't look good, we're just obviously missing something. Is she a Picasso? Is she a character from LazyTown? Who the fuck knows? Lookin' good.

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Who's ready to kiss the bride? Something tells us that this blushing beauty was stood up a long, long time ago.

This alien kicks ass. She needs to go find that awesome astronaut and have an insterstellar dance party. But why is she so suicidal? It gets better!

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Aww, c'mon now. These ladies must have been hired by the promoters, right? This is some next-level costume couture.

Nailed it!

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