Fashion Freakouts at Sensation: Ocean of White in Miami

How many different ways can you wear white?

It's not the most exciting color in the crayon box, but get tens of thousands of ravers together in the same brilliant monochrome, and you've got an experience that's anything but bland.

Sure, Sensation: Ocean of White's got a strict all-white dress code. But when working with a one-dimensional palette, texture and accessories are key. Fanciful animal costumes or themed outfits are a sure way to make the best dressed list.

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If you're going to do your lips up like a fierce drag queen, you might as well keep your clothes simple.

We were pleasantly surprised to hear plenty of Daft Punk in the mix. This guy is smiling because he knows he has the greatest t-shirt in the place, and his girlfriend (or friend or whatever, not trying to put a bro on blast) is lookin' mad flashy. Can all kandi girls dress this way from now on, pls?

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Speaking of awesome kandi bitches, here are two more! Pearls are the jewels of the ocean, and these two are dripping. Love the shell work on the bras. The hours of hot-glue gunning on the floor were so worth it.

Ocean of White being the over-arching theme, it made total sense to play up the Navy angle. These bros are comfortable with themselves enough to fight off any Village People references. The guy on the left is choker-level confident.

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Here we see the ladies take a more sophisticated, thought-out approach to the Navy motif. Obviously, women can do anything men can do better. You wish you were on this boat.

These ladies are fierce! Adorable bikinis matched with exciting shoulder barbs, or whatever those are supposed to be. We don't really care. Fashion isn't about being sensible.

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We figured bursts of color were forbidden by the Sensation rule book. But thanks to the amazing glasses, these guys get a pass. Not quite sure what to think of the Naruto headband, however.

If you're afraid no one will notice your abs, even though you aren't wearing a shirt, just paint them on in bright white. Then put a teddy bear on your head and pose with a bunch of delicious ladies so no one thinks you're gay.

Unicorn bro had everyone's attention. All he had to do was sew a horn and some triangle ears to the top of his hoodie, and he walked in with one of the best looks at the show. Winning.

Fuck it. This dude takes the top spot. Not even a competition.

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