Fashion Freakouts at Identity Festival 2012 in Miami

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We're getting used to ravers dressed like candy-coated, rainbow-drenched, half-naked furries.

Still, the crowd at Bayfront Park's Klipsch Amphitheater for Identity Festival really upped the ante.

While some stuck to the old rave faves, some brazen girls and guys wore their drugs on their sleeve and their sex drives on their faces. We saw more kandi-clogged arms than ever, and certain special ladies rocked strategically-placed rhinestones.

So feast your eyes ... These are Crossfade's Fashion Freakouts at Identity Festival 2012 in Miami.

At first glance, this girl seems dressed a bit cray. Short shorts, blue wig, and lightning-bolt earrings, all paired with way too much fishnet for our post-Hot Topic society? But as you'll soon see, she's quite demure for this occasion. Yay, wig ladies!

Of course, the best thing to do is keep the sexy simple and rep your city. This is Miami! We da best! Vice and bright blue hot pants is what we do! But is it just us? Or is this girl smuggling something bizarre in her crotch area?

Spirit hoodies still won't die. All over the place, people were dressed in their summer best, AKA no shirts. And yet they covered their heads in enough faux fur that you'd think a Disney princess was missing her cleaning crew.

This couple does absurd, neon fantasy in a sparkly yet tasteful way. Sure, his facial hair is oddly sculpted and they look like neopets who fell into a pixie stick. But there's so much swag in those fierce stares, we feel hypnotized into digging it. Just keep that freak on his leash, girl.

Fuck subtlety. This chick wants a cavity search from security. Who cares if everyone in the 305 area knows you're totally wasted? All the other kids are doing it. And besides, it's just the culture of the movement. We're all really here for the music, at the end of the day.

At raves, the best thing to do is play with nostalgia. Sure, you haven't watched Ninja Turtles in about 20 years. But everyone in attendance will know who you're supposed to be and come to the conclusion that you're a way rad group of bros. We wonder if they got any free pizza.

Thankfully, amid the Technicolor wonderland, some gritty motherfuckers still go out in dark monochrome. Nothing says "I like to party" like a severe tattoo and all black everything. The candyland kids got that molly hook-up. But our bet is this guy knows how to get the best coke.

On the other side of the spectrum, you could keep your look in check by getting loud as fuck in only one or two hues. It's not easy being green, but this is Kermit the Frog chic. Plus, she keeps her dignity intact with suggestive body-paint and a bikini, instead of going totally naked.

With all this bare skin, you're bound to get unwanted attention from total skeezeballs. So work some self-defense options into your outfit. This woman takes charge of her body and the dance floor with touch-me-and-I'll-kill-you booby spikes. Kinky and sensible.

Sweet Jesus, give this girl a hug from daddy, ASAP. It's like Lisa Frank went through puberty, met Molly, and started stripping for bead money. All kandi-covered hopefuls must bow before the queen.

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