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Experience Sobriety and Take a Guided Tour of the White House With the President Tonight

Have you ever taken a guided tour of the White House? Shaken the hand of the commander-in-chief? Broken out the Ouija board and communed with the ghost of our Founding Fathers while shotgunning Old Milwaukee NA and jamming on twin axes till the sun comes screaming over the the horizon?

Obviously, we're not talking about a trip to that den of inequity and political backbiting located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation's capital. Instead, this other White House is a private Cutler Bay estate that serves as the official residence and principal workplace of the President, i.e. the human being (and occasional Crossfade contributor) formerly known as Jason Handelsman.

Equipped with a digital eight-track system and little else, the White House is an ascetic power center. And it was there in the summer of 2010, following the Miami Heat's electrifying acquisition of King James, that the President holed up to record his debut album LeBron.

The President performs "Chocolate and Vanilla" for Brisco.

Ultimately issued as a deluxe CD-R via Roofless Records, the album was a chaotic 15-track epic about weed, witches, evil spirits, ex-girlfriends, Dade County, pro basketball, and Lil Wayne that dabbled in tranced-out rock 'n' roll, street rap dynamics, and hyperactive pop-punk.

And now six months later, the President has returned with a second slab of schizo sonic experimentation, also birthed in the bosom of the White House, entitled Experience Sobriety. The official release party, Cremator 305, will take place tonight at The End/Spring Break's current squat inside the Bas Fisher Invitational.

The President performs "Left-handed" for Brisco.

Like his last collection, the new one is a Roofless Rex release. But this time, the Prez and label boss Matt Preira have indulged their most epic impulses, putting together an excessively elaborate boxset described in the official literature as being "a whopping 33 songs ... [including] the President's debut album, LeBron, and bonus tracks ... packaged with original cover art by Brian Butler [and] a massive 30-plus page insert complete with illustrated lyrics and supplemental literature."

For the superspecial occasion, the President has also recreated his Cutler Bay headquarters in a corner of the gallery, invited several friends (Slashpine, Passion, and Manny Mangos y Las Aguilas) for a noise session, and arranged for all attendees to score a copy of Experience Sobriety for only $5. It's all part of his program of splicing genre, smashing rules, thinking positive, making friends, and fucking minds.

Download: The President's "Free Weezy Pt. 2" and "Secret Service" off Experience Sobriety

The President's Experience Sobriety Tracklist

1. "I Love The Universe"

2. "Chocolate & Vanilla"

3. "Mr. President"

4. "Ingrid & Abigail"

5. "Free Weezy Pt. 2"

6. "The Power of Intention"

7. "Left-handed"

8. "Been Praying"

9. "Secret Service"

10. "M.I.Yayo"

11. "M.I.A. Blues"

12. "Grand of Architect of The Universe"

13. "Road To Nowhere"

14. "Glowing Glow Worm"


15. "Gary Cohen & The Makeout Sluts"

16. "LeBron"

17. "Biblical Ghosts"

18. "Rachel Goodrich"

19. "Ex-Girlfriend's Couch"

20. "Bon Jovi Girl"

21. "Free Weezy"

22. "I Love Miami"

23. "Vaporizer"

24. "Skateboarding Is My Religion"

25. "Bruja"

26. "Poltergeist"

27. "God Loves Me"

28. "Tootie"

29. "Limousine (G.O.D.)"

Bonus Tracks

30. "Love In This Club" (Usher cover)

31. "Chocolate & Vanilla" (Club in Miami remix)

32. "Happiness"

33. "Mr. President" (Demo)

Cremator 305 2011 with the President, Slashpine, Passion, Manny Mangos y Las Aguilas, presented by Roofless Records and Filthy South Dot Com. Saturday, March 5. The End/Spring Break at Bas Fisher Invitational, 180 NE 39th St., Suite 210, Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. and cover costs $3 or $5 with free copy of the President's new Experience Sobriety album. Visit

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