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Experience Hendrix 2012 Tour at Hard Rock Live March 14

Experience Hendrix 2012 Tour at Hard Rock Live March 14
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Former Experience and Band of Gypsys bassist Billy Cox met Jimi Hendrix when they were stationed together at the same army base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Legend has it that one rainy night, Billy heard a guitar screaming in the service club. So he went inside and introduced himself to the big-handed kid playing his axe upside down and backward.

They started jamming together, became fast friends, and toured the bustling rooms of America's black club circuit after leaving the armed forces. Once Hendrix became a living legend, they got together again for Gypsys, the group some critics hail as having produced Jimi's most virtuosic playing. Just listen to the track "Machine Gun" from the band's live album and decide for yourself.

Nowadays, the members of every other Hendrix-led band are dead. But Billy Cox is still going strong. And the steady, bass-rocking genius has assembled a supergroup of blazing musicians including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Eric Johnson, and Bootsy Collins for the Experience Hendrix Tour.

The show is improvised by masters of their craft. So expect a one-of-a-kind, acid-scorched trip from players with more history than an Egyptian pyramid.

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