Excision Teams Up with Otto Von Schirach for Boom! Pow! Dubstep This Friday at Discotekka

Bwomp-womp-woppa-woppa: That's the sound of the dubstep. Friday night Canada's Excision is making like a snowbird and setting up his nest at Discotekka for Boom! Pow! He'll be joined by Miami's own Pharaoh of Bass and Throw-up Music, Otto Von Schirach.

Dubstep is a dirty, grimy genre, and Excision is hailed as one of the filthiest. To be clear, it's not dirty like 2 Live Crew. To be clearer, sometimes a Dubstep show gets dirtier than a 2 Live Crew video.

Alright, so dubstep's been around the UK since the end of last century. It's sort of a spawn of 2-Step Garage and Drum and Bass ("What is ... drum and bass?"). But describing Dubstep isn't as easy as saying something like, that band sounds like the Beatles, or this guy sings like Lennon.

The best way to describe dubstep is by saying it's like giant robots and giant monsters are fighting/fucking while listening to 80's hip hop and death metal. It's like watching Mothra vs. Megalon on the TV (full blast) while listening to "Get it Girl" on the stereo (full blast) -- because you like to party.

But forget reading about it. We compiled the filthiest five dubstep tracks by Excision and Otto Von Schirach.

5. Excision & Datsik "Calypso"

The sample, "your services are no longer required" is lifted from Iron Man, right before Iron Man gets blasted by the villain Iron Monger. Consider this song a pink slip to the DJs that keep it clean.

4. Otto Von Schirach "Bass Low"

Not a dubstep song, but, damn is it dirty. No one in the club will protest when this kicks in. See if you can catch the references to Public Enemy and L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom."

3. Excision "This is Why Dubstep's Hot"

One of Excision's earlier tracks, it's built around a torn-apart sample of Art of Noise's "Moments in Love."

2. Otto Von Schirach "End of the World"

Killer bass wobbles playing off samples of Godzilla's scream.

1. Excision & Datsik "Swagga"

This is the soundtrack that plays when Voltron breakdances on the Gravitron. Check the classic "Hit it!" sample at 0:48

Excision with Otto Von Schirach and Juan Basshead, SomeJerk, Jumanji and Wreck on Friday, September 10, at Discotekka, 950 NE 2nd Ave., Downtown Miami.Tickets are $15, via wanttickets.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.