Electric Daisy Carnival Organizers Place 18 and Over Policy For All Events; Will Ultra Follow?

Insomniac Events, organizer of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, released a statement today saying all its future events would be strictly enforced as 18 and over.

"Effective immediately, Insomniac has also established an '18 and older' policy for all of the company's dance music festivals until such time as Insomniac implements IAG's recommended standard operating procedures. Insomniac has purchased handheld ID scanners, which will be used at all future '18 and older' Insomniac events."

We already made our comparisons with Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival, and while the rave hysteria hasn't reached Florida, we contacted Ultra's organizers to ask if they were planning to follow Insomniac's lead. We are still awaiting response.

Honestly, we wouldn't see why they would. There is no pressure from city or county leaders, and there hasn't been any logistical problems with Ultra being all ages. If organizers change the age policy it would purely be as a preemptive strike.

And really, they have bigger problems to worry about, like will Ultra 2011 even be taking place at Bicentennial Park?

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