Electric Daisy Carnival: Five Reasons the EDM Fest Is Totally Epic

Electric Daisy Carnival is crazy, guys!

All weekend, we were scorching in the heat of the desert by day and trekking out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (16 miles north of the Strip) at night to experience the full-on sensory overload that is EDC.

The event has come a long way since its days as an underground dance party in the dank warehouses of downtown Los Angeles. Now in its 17th year, the festival is huge, loud, crowded, and totally epic.

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Photo by Josh "Curious Josh" Reiss

1. The stage productions are massive

We're not talking about some truss and a few spotlights here. This year's stages were a full-on Wonka fantasyland, with the hardstyle heavy bassCON stage decked out in post-apocalyptic steampunk grandeur and the main Kinetic Field stage featuring a 100-foot tall owl with animated wings surrounded by giant mushrooms and daisies. The effect was larger than life, especially when combined with the hyper-agressive music being blasted at the crowd from each stage setup.

Photo by Josh "Curious Josh" Reiss

2. Absurdly beautiful women

Not only are the women of EDC gorgeous, but a lot of them are wearing outfits ... like this.

Photo by Josh "Curious Josh" Reiss

3. Art on the move

A massive skeleton snake powered by bicycles winding its way through the crowd, followed by a trio of giant butterflies and a supersized white owl? Not an unusual sight at EDC, as art exists both onstage and in these mobile displays of trippy whimsy.

Photo by Josh "Curious Josh" Reiss

4. The Music is relentless

It's loud, it's played for almost 12 hours straight on high-impact soundsystems at seven stages, and it's the reason why many of us are here. The highlight so far? Bro Safari's tribal dub stomp down on the Bass Pod stage.

5. Fireworks. All the time.

It would be generous to provide even one fireworks display each night, but this is EDC, so instead there's a large-scale fireworks show, like, every 15 minutes. They're loud, colorful, and totally dazzling affairs complemented by even more fireworks going off from the stages during DJ sets. Some of the stages also blast out big bursts of fire. And for an added in-the-sky bonus, this weekend's "super moon" was the closest and largest full moon of the year. From space, it probably looks like a spirited attempt to attract extraterrestrial attention.

Judging by the looks of the crowd, in fact, it already has.

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