Electric Daisy Carnival 2014's 20 Most Beautiful People

You thought only homely people went to Electric Daisy Carnival this past weekend? Think again! This year, per usual, the bold and the beautiful made their way to Las Vegas for parties that lasted all night long.

Here are the concertgoers whom we found particularly enchanting.

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Photo by Christopher Victorio

Patriotism FTW.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

A casting call for the live-action Little Mermaid?

Photo by Christopher Victorio

We'd comment on the rest of his outfit, if we could get past the abs.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Hopefully, she has another outfit to wear on the plane, because there's no way she's getting this one by the metal detector.

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Christopher Victorio

We've always been fond of 14-foot-tall women.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Hey, lady, what you got under that hat?!

Photo by Christopher Victorio

We're betting his smile is as pretty as his eyes.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

CamelBak, EDC-themed halter, dude in tow - we bet this beauty is a festival veteran.

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Photo by Christopher Victorio

Upon first look, all we saw were stars, but now we're really digging the comic one-piece too.

Thumbnail image for edcbeautiful11.jpg
Photo by Christopher Victorio

OFC -- original flower children.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

We have never in our lives seen anything like this outfit. But we hope to see it again.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

We wouldn't mind being devoured by these members of the walking dead.

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Photo by Christopher Victorio

Hey, can we wave your flag?

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Turns out, this is his excited face.

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Hella nice ink!

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Four sets of big, beautiful eyes in this photo.

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Christopher Victorio
California. Knows how to party.

Christopher Victorio
This is where the wild things are.

Christopher Victorio
Is this the same lady as on the first page? Maybe! But we remain mesmerized.

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