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Elastic Bond's Frequencia Natural EP Closes the Year with a Natural Frequency

Elastic Bond

Frequencia Natural EP



As time passes, Elastic Bond band leader Andres Ponce is beginning to look like the greatest export the rhino-shaped country of Venezuela could've mustered. (Sure, there's all that petroleum for your lame SUVs and the Miss Universo titles. But that's politics for a different blog.)

The Bond isn't just one man, though. Initially launched as a solo gig, Ponce's project has since evolved into group thing.  

He did well by surrounding himself with the incredibly adept guitars of Buffalo Brown and the muted, sexy horns of David Burgos. And he definitely couldn't have done better than the disarmingly delicious, always spacey vocals of the beautiful and evocative Sofy Encanto. She switches from Spanish to English like the sweetest of mythological sirens. This woman's voice will bring men to their deaths. And that's a good thing.

At times, the foursome even seems capable of transcending cultural barriers, especially on its most recent release, a four-song EP titled Frequencia Natural. It's a perfectly balanced mix of tropicalia, space-age jazz, funk, French hipster stuff, Latin-beat, Nueva Trova, Criollo DIY, and only-god-knows-what. Even my dad likes this record!

And really, I can only wish Frequencia Natural were a full-lenth album and that the party was at my house. Let's break the windows! En esta casa no falta caña! This is as close as it comes to righteousness. Danceable, loving righteousness.

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