Elastic Bond Plays Transit Lounge for Indie-pendance Day

Don't spend this Fourth of July in a drunken (and perhaps drug-addled) haze. You've been doing that and sitting in the back of your friend's hatchback going oooh and aaah to the fireworks for far too long. Why not try something different, with just as much wow factor. Like what? Well, Elastic Bond performing at Transit Lounge, for one thing. Plus you can get your drunken haze on there!

Funky, soulful and psychedelic, Elastic Bond is like a dose of The Fugees passed through a cafetera and laced with something much stronger than brandy (like what you put in your pizza to watch fireworks). The Miami fusion band's groove--a seamlessly executed blend of Latin and dub with the aforementioned genres, and a little hip-hop for good measure--is so thick you can practically taste it. Besides, their shit seriously is trippy.

Founded a few years back by Venezuelan producer/keyboardist Andrés

Ponce, Elastic Bond wasn't just a clever name. The name, which refers

to a concept of atomic physics, was to be an experimental canvas for Ponce,

along with vocalists Sofy Encanto and Orion, guitarist Buffalo Brown,

percussionist Papayo, trumpet player El David and saxophonist Zahir.


result is what you may recall the Miami New Times dubbed in the Best of

2007 issue, "Best Funky Fusion Band Even Your Mama Would Like." 

We stand by it.  Just ask yo' mama.

Elastic Bond performs live at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave.) this Saturday, July 4.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.