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Elastic Bond, Performing Two Shows in New York for LAMC Next Week

You may have noticed quite a bit of coverage for this LAMC thing on Crossfade lately. Like this, this and this. But we've got a good reason.

Going strong for over a decade now, the Latin Alternative Music Conference is the biggest of its kind, a sort of mecca for the indie scene's bands and industry types. And it's noteworthy that our local acts getting the nod to earn some well-deserved recognition beyond the 305. So kudos to Suenalo, Mr. Pauer, and now Elastic Bond.

Bringing our local scene an urban edge with a tropical twist these past few years, the Bond has made quite a name for themselves here in the MIA, notoriously laying down live shows, and putting out a pair of solid albums in 2007's Excursion and last year's Frecuencia Natural. And now, with two dates in New York City, the band's off to conquer the Big Apple's ears.

Crossfade recently got a chance to catch up with producer-founder Andres Ponce, trumpet player David Burgos, guitarist Buffalo Brown, and vocalist Sofy Encanto to get their feelings on this latest coup.

Crossfade: Tell us about participating in LAMC. Are you guys excited? Have any of you been before?

Sofy Encanto: This is actually our first time in LAMC. We are thrilled and humbly honored to be part of this event. Last year, our song "Corazon" was featured in the official compilation but we did not attend.

David "El David" Burgos: Playing at the LAMC is a great honor and a very fun experience for us. We are extremely excited and motivated by all the great artists that are performing this year. We have never played at the LAMC before but have always been aware of its importance in the music industry.

Andres Ponce: This is the first time we'll be performing as a band. I participated in the conference a couple of years ago as Locos Por Juana keyboardist.

Buffalo Brown: I've never played an LAMC show. Its always great to play in NY; the audiences are so open to fresh sounds.

How important is the LAMC?

Burgos: In today's music industry, events like the LAMC allow for independent artists like ourselves to connect with people who are doing great things for Latin music. Latin music is something we are honored to be a part of and want to share with the masses.

Brown: LAMC is a chance to present your music to people who get how people of Latin descent have a special dance [while] incorporating traditional Latin influences to relevant music.

Encanto: I think it's very important because it is a movement that supports and promotes Latin artists that share multiple cultures and express that in our music. LAMC opens doors to introduce and promote music without boundaries and in very pure form.

Ponce: I think they [LAMC] do an outstanding job of showcasing both established artists and indie bands, such as ourselves. It's very informative and a prime networking opportunity for artists and anybody in the music business.

Is it important for you to represent your hometown of Miami up at LAMC?

Burgos: Miami is so beautiful and full of so many different cultures and great music. We want to share our piece of the Miami experience with the world. I love you, Miami!

Brown: Miami is an incredible cross section of the varieties in Latin culture. The temperature can get very hot and humid, so whatever music we make has to count.

Encanto: It is important to represent Miami in LAMC because it is the Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York. And although there is plenty of Latin culture in NYC, Miami is the closest nest to Latin America, and has that laid back warm vibe from the tropics. It is exciting to have the opportunity to bring that to the people in NY through our music. Love it!

Ponce: Being able to represent Miami in this year's LAMC makes us really proud. I think this city has developed its own cultural and musical identity over the years. We're blessed to be a part of this movement.

Elastic Bond performs Wednesday, July 6, at the LAMC Indie Showcase at Mercury Lounge and Saturday, July 9, at Jack Daniels' Local Bands We Love Showcase.

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