Eight Rock Stars Who Retired to South Florida

From having luscious locks of hair and hoards of groupies lining up outside their dressing room, to opening a barbecue joint and getting their mailbox smashed by some rowdy youths, South Florida is where rock stars come to retire.

Sure, we may be no L.A., but there's something magnetic about SoFla to rockers in the twilight of their careers. While many of them no longer live a life of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, some of them, well, still do, but in slightly watered down versions. 

Why do people choose to spend their final years in South Florida? Maybe it's the weather, or the beach. Or maybe it's this notion that our part of America is, in many people's eyes, paradise. Whatever it is, rock stars aren't immune to it either.

But life ain't completely over for the elderly rockers of our state. Whether having a much younger wife (who just so happens to be a model), checking into rehab, or enjoying the quieter end of their careers, these guys — some of which still perform — are livin' the life, long hair and all. Guess that goes to show once a rock star, always a rock star.

Here are the retired rock stars of South Florida.

Scott Stapp, 42

Scott Stapp has had his fair share of ups and downs, especially within the last year alone. Back in November 2014, the former Creed frontman — whose $5.95 million Boca Raton mansion recently hit the market — made headlines for sending life-threatening text messages to his beauty-pageant wife, Jaclyn Stapp, and for claiming to be on a CIA mission to assassinate President Obama. He also filed a criminal complaint against Stapp for stealing $2,000 from his bank account and released a video saying he was homeless and living in a Holiday Inn, "by the grace of God." Sure, it was a rough journey for Stapp, but things are finally starting to look brighter. Back in May, the singer revealed he had bipolar disorder. In an interview with People, Stapp admitted he "had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse" and that he was "lucky to be alive." Leaving a life of drugs behind, he's now turning to music for support. Come January, the singer — who hasn't released any new material since his 2013 album, Proof of Life — will be embarking on a solo mini-tour.

Yngwie Malmsteen, 52

From blazing through "Arpeggios From Hell" across the globe to watching his supermodel — and music manager — wife doing yoga on the beach, Yngwie Malmsteen is really enjoying life. Born in Sweden, the six-foot three-inch guitar monster now spends most of his days lounging by the pool of his $1.5 million Miami Shores home, recording music in his in-home recording studio (Malmsteen is rumored to be releasing an album in the near future), and collecting fine art. But we're pretty sure the master shredder is counting down the days until the 2016 Axes & Anchors Cruise in February, where he'll be rockin' the high seas aboard the Carnival Victory.

Dan Spitz, 52 

Dan Spitz used to make headlines back in the mid-eighties as the guitarist for Anthrax, but in 2013, the Lake Worth resident — and cofounder of what's now considered one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all-time — made headlines for allegedly choking his ex-wife, Candy. According to Gossip Extra, Spitz was arrested Christmas Day 2013 on the count of domestic violence for allegedly choking the mother of his twin autistic boys after a drunken altercation. His ex-wife later said she was "not planning on pursuing this in court," claiming it "was a big misunderstanding." The charges were dropped, but the two eventually divorced in 2014. Nowadays, the guitar player — who also happens to be a master watchmaker — is busy planning a wedding with his newly-engaged fiancée and personal manager, Beth Thom.

Tico Torres, 62

The former Bon Jovi drummer may have listed his $3.3 million Jupiter estate for sale last year, but Tico Torres has definitely left a mark in South Florida. As the founder of the Tico Torres Children Foundation — which helps kids in need to fight hunger, disease, homelessness, neglect, abuse, and illness — the former percussionist now spends his days enjoying the simple pleasure of life, like dedicating time to his art career, golfing, and coming up with new designs for his kids' clothing company, Rock Star Baby, which he launched after the birth of his son in 2004.

Nicko McBrain, 63

What exactly does one do after over drumming for over 30 years with British heavy metal band Iron Maiden? Move to Boca Raton and open up a barbecue joint in Coral Springs, of course. Aside from MCing various charity events — like this past weekend's Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Charity Dinner Gala — partaking in his own philanthropic efforts, and occasionally jammin' with Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain is also the owner of Rock n Roll Ribs. And, as the restaurateur told our sister paper, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, "it warms the cockles of [his] heart" when he "meet[s] people and they say things like, 'These are the ribs I've ever had,' or, 'Your pulled pork is to die for.'"

Iggy Pop, 68

His days with the Stooges may be long gone, but the godfather of punk is still a very busy man. Aside from his weekly radio show on BBC Radio 6, the rocker — who owns a home in Palmetto Bay with his wife, Nina Alu — is also quite the actor. He's worked with Johnny Depp twice in the 1990 flick Cry-Baby and again in the 1995 western film, Dead Man. He also voiced the caterpillar in the 2013 television series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Next year, he'll play the starring role of punk rock angel, Vicious in the Björn Tagemose-directed silent film Gutterdämmerung. But the 68-year-old rock legend calls Miami home now, and he's proud of it. Earlier this year, the Michigan native took a break from all the action and appeared on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown: Miami, where he gave Bourdain a lesson in healthy eating at Kris Wessel's Oolite.

Rod Stewart, 70

Rod Stewart may be a septuagenarian, but the 70-year-old Palm Beach resident — who recently had his mailbox smashed by a drunk driver during a DUI stop, causing a total of $500 in damages — is "Forever Young" thanks to the regenerative powers of the South Florida sun. Just yesterday, it was announced that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer will be performing alongside Ellie Goulding, Hozier, and Mumford & Sons, to name a few, at the BBC Music Awards in December. Long live Rod the Mod!

Jimmy Page, 71

Alright, so Jimmy Page technically doesn't live in South Florida, but the Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist has strong ties to the region. His 27-year-old son, James Patrick Page III reportedly attended high school in Miami. The Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist is also said to have been a customer at the now-defunct All Books & Records in Fort Lauderdale. And he used to have a place on Galt Ocean Mile in Fort Lauderdale, where a New Times staffer swears he saw Page driving down A1A late at night a few years back. SoFla connections aside, the 71-year-old legend is still livin' the life of a rock star. Earlier this year, the axeman was spotted strolling around London with his 25-year-old girlfriend, and during last week's Classic Rock Awards, the Brit revealed he would return to touring next year. Page proves that rock star charm never fades, no matter how much time may pass.

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