E-40 to Perform at Sobe Live Tonight, First 200 People in Free

Hyphy as a "movement," per se, may have disappeared as quickly as the driver of a ghost-ridden whip. But in the fallout after the thiz high finally wore off, the Yay Area's most talented bona fide MCs have survived. And the man to come out closest to the top so far has been E-40, he of the staccato, decisive flow and unmistakable Northern California accent. Riding high on the underground success of his 2006 single "Tell Me When To Go," the chubby-cheeked MC then coasted into a series of collaborations with Lil Jon, including the national radio hit "U and Dat," which featured T-Pain and Kandi Girl. Over the past two years, although E-40 has continued to guest on other peoples' records, and host his recently cancelled E-Feezy Radio show on the Bay Area's KMEL, his East Coast profile has dropped a bit.

He's set to change that again. As part of MySpace Music's series of free hip-hop shows, E-40 will appear live on South Beach tonight -- far from home, and most likely part of a larger plan to solidify his geographical reach. The performance should include plenty of material from his forthcoming album, The Ball Street Journal, due out next Tuesday, November 25. And show up early. Only the first 200 in line are guaranteed free entry -- bring a printout of your MySpace profile displaying E-40 in your top friends -- and promoters warn he'll perform soon after.

After the jump, get full show details, and watch a video of the dance invented to go along with E-40's new single, "Brake Ya Ankles," featuring Shawty Lo.

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-- Arielle Castillo

E-40 performs tonight, November 21, at Sobe Live, 1203 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Doors open at 11 p.m. Entry is free for the first 200 people in line -- but bring that printout of your MySpace profile with E-40 in your top friends. Call 305-695-2820, or visit www.myspace.com/hiphop.

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