Dwarves' Blag Dahlia on Fascistic Left-Wing Propaganda and Visiting G.G. Allin in Prison

Punk rock is a big tent.

What other genre manages to link seemingly disparate entities like British rude boy skinheads with screamo-haircuit mall goth in Nebraska?

And the best part: All these highly segregated factions bicker, sometimes to the point of physical violence, over whose interpretation of punk ethos is less poser.

The Dwarves are no strangers to heated arguments. In the perennial disagreement over political correctness and no-holds-barred freedom of expression, vocalist Blag Dahlia and his merry troupe of hard-partyin' freaks heartily choose the latter.

In anticipation of The Dwarves' upcoming performance at Churchill's Pub, we here at Crossfade gave Dahlia a call to chat about the inner workings of one of the most deliberately belligerent rock acts ever.

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Matt Preira