Dubstep Godfather Hatcha Plays Vagabond on Thursday

As the dubstep phenomenon continues to blow up stateside (in Miami it's been eagerly taken up as a formidable 21st-century successor to Miami bass) it's easy to forget the genre's geo-specific roots. But dubstep can be traced all the way back to a very precise point of origin: the London borough of Croydon. 

Even more specifically, it goes back to a group of pioneering young producers who congregated at Croydon's legendary Big Apple record shop in the early '00s and were pivotal in founding the original dubstep scene. 

Among this seminal group, which included the by-now legendary producers Skream and Benga, was DJ Hatcha a.k.a. Terry Leonard. He was greatly responsible for championing and disseminating the early sounds of dubstep through his Rinse FM radio show and DJ sets at the infamous Forward>> club night in London's Soho. 

With roots in '90s UK garage and 2-step, Hatcha was instrumental in fomenting the darker, dubbier and starker direction these musical styles would take in becoming dubstep at the turn of the decade.

Hatcha has since gone on to become the host of esteemed radio show Kiss 100, while touring hectically across the globe and cementing his production accolades through releases on the Tempa, Planet Mu and Special Branch labels. Get your bass fix this Thursday when DJ Hatcha throws down at this month's installment of Get Low at

the Vagabond

, along with residents Juan Basshead, FTG, Munkz, Gizmatix, DS and MC's Jumanji and Nome.

Hatcha. 11 p.m. Thursday, July 15. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. 305-379-0508; thevagabondmiami.com

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