Drop the Lime

Brooklyn's Drop the Lime has been nothing if not prescient. For the past few years, while everyone else has been running around to overly processed, overly happy so-called blog house, the DJ/producer born Luca Venezia has carefully stuck to his own thing. In the face of that neon glare, Venezia and his Trouble & Bass crew grew a small army of fans into an aggressive vibe. The Drop the Lime style is impossible to classify neatly into a single genre, but above all, it comprises a global, fiercely urban sound collage. Baltimore club beats meet Manchester acid house and then pair up with Kingston dancehall, Detroit ghetto tech, London dubstep, and every kind of gritty city dance sound. Bass lines are warped, chewed up, and spit out, and frequencies get low enough to loosen the bowels. These are tough times, and tough music appeals, so Drop the Lime's star on the dance scene keeps rising. In 2008, he remixed for big names such as Little Boots, Moby, and even Armand Van Helden. A new artist album is said to be in the works as well.

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