Drake Is (Probably) Giving Away Free T-Shirts in Wynwood Today

At this point, the anticipation for Drake's new album, Views From the 6, is so intense that even the slightest announcement or tease from Drizzy is enough to get an entire city vibrating with glee.

Drake knows this all too well. And he's using it to his advantage. Yesterday, he tweeted out a simple but enticing tweet directed at the citizens of New York City. It only had an address, no more details than that.

Today, Drake did the same with Miami.

Though there is a .0001% chance of a free Drake concert happening in Wynwood very shortly, the most likely scenario is a quick Views pop-up shop with free T-shirts for fans.

That is, at least, what happened yesterday in NYC, according to Complex. Yesterday in NYC, confused and excited fans waited in line only to find out they were receiving a free Drake T-shirt, which isn't a horrible result, but sadly Drake himself was not there.

The line is most likely already forming as the event starts at 5 p.m., so if you want your shot at a free Views T-shirt (or perhaps something more), head down to 500 NW 23rd St. in Wynwood now.

May the 6 God be with you. 

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