Drake Graduates High School (Not Degrassi)

About four years after Jimmy Brooks graduated from Degrassi Community School, Aubrey Drake Graham can finally say he's got a high school diploma.

Without it, the Canadian superstar managed to have a successful child-acting and rap career. 'Cause you don't need basic algebra to hang with Lil Wayne, and you certainly don't have to be smart to be a star on a show like Degrassi.

By the sound of it, Drake had to work kind of hard to pass his exams. But this just proves you're never too famous to get your GED.

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Unlike Justin Bieber, who hates reading and thinks high school diplomas are stupid, Drake understands the importance of a solid education.

Wow! That's a great score, Drizzy! No one's ever graduated high school like you did it!

We understand you had to go through a lot to get here, what with getting shot and shit. Most people would be too scared to ever return to those hallowed halls after being forced to live life from the confines of a wheel chair.

But you did it! You beat the odds and you worked through the hard times! You've finally learned that working with the negatives can make a better picture! Good for you, Drizzy!

We guess life really does imitate art. Or sometimes, just crappy tween television.

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