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Down by the Bay Festival Isn't Real

OMG, you guys! Someone posted this flier to Facebook, and it looks like the Chemical Brothers, Pheonix, Justice, A Tribe Called Quest, OFWKGTA, and about 70 other headliners are coming to Bayfront Park for some incredible new two-day festival called Down by the Bay during Art Basel.

The lineup is so amazing, it's too good to be true.

No, literally. It's not true. It turns out someone just copied an old Laidback Luke flier and made a big fat hoax of your hopes and dreams.

"Nobody at [Live Nation] seems to know anything about this," said a Live Nation representative when shown the flier via email. They manage the Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park. You'd kind of have to run it by them to pull something like this off.

We also called the Bayfront Park Management Trust, and it turns out they're getting a lot of calls and emails, but they have no such plans for any festival either.

Seriously, though, wouldn't tickets to something that puts ?uestlove on the bottom level of their list be about $1,000 to attend anyway? You can't hire that many artists at one time and pack them into two days. Sorry you got all worked up, internet, and we're sorry to make you cry on a Monday, but, y'know, at least the ceiling still says "gullible."

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