Don't Miss Meat's Smoking Weed With Jesus Release Party Tonight!

Roy Neil Hunter looks like he's 17. But that's OK, since the main mastermind behind the band Meat is merely a fresh, young 24.

This musician has played in other Miami bands with mouth-watering names like Strawberry Dirt, Sparkling Purple Mango, and Ice Cream. We're honestly starting to think these munchie-centric band names are the result of all that weed he's been smoking with Jesus.

That's right ... Smoking Weed with Jesus is Meat's first album, out on cassette via Roofless Records this Friday. And the release party will be taking place at Beezelbub's Cave, courtesy of nomadic art project The End.

We spoke with Hunter who seems like a sweet guy. He gave us good answers to some not-so-deep questions.

Crossfade: Is this your first release with Roofless? How'd you get involved with Matt Preira? 

Roy Neil Hunter: Yes, this is my first release with Roofless, and it's actually a dream come true! I don't remember my first encounter with Matt. But I'm pretty good friends with Dana Bassett and she helps Matt out with Roofless stuff all the time. She's a part of Roofless. Every now and then, I would play Sweat Records with Ice Cream. And in between sets or when the show was over, I would end up talking to Matt about whatever was on my or his mind. One night, I told him about a sort of noise side project I was starting with my friend Coco and he seemed pretty interested, even though we didn't have a name.

My best friend and bandmate Justin Anthony Rivers gave us the name Meat in exchange for a song to be about him and named after him. That night I made a Myspace page and put up all the demos I had been recording by myself. A couple days later, Matt called and asked me if I was down to play Strange Days 5 and suddenly we had a show! Now we had a time limit to come up with a set! Good thing I had been writing and recording by myself before any of this came about, so we had some songs. We wrote "Justin Anthony Rivers" and also finally found someone to play bass with us, David Alexander Bennett, even though he would much rather play guitar and isn't a bassist.

Have you ever actually smoked weed with Jesus? If so, what was it like? 

A very warm enlightening experience! I tried to see The Passion once when I was stoned and it was pretty scary.

How long have you been making music for? 

I was thrown into making music just 'cause I was hanging out with people that were making music. I wasn't really in a band till Ice Cream. We've had many releases and we're starting to record a new album tonight. I've been recording and writing music by myself since a year and a half ago. I'm at the Ice Cream studio/warehouse/practice space most of the time working on tunes. I love to start bands that go nowhere 'cause sometimes you get some real gems that are irreplaceable. Hopefully, Meat will get to be on wax some day soon!

Meat is a pretty good name for a band. But it's not really Googleable. If you were to rename the band something more Google friendly, what would it be? 

Psychic Dwarf.

Is this Saturday at the Snooze Theater going to be the first time you play the Death to the Sun festival? 

Nope, it's my third time! The other two times, it was with Ice Cream. But this time, it'll be with Meat. It's going to be a good show. Bands get free beer. Ricardo has the times on lock. We hope to make some new friends up there.

Do you have a Miami band you're listening to a lot, besides yourself? 

The person/band I listen to the most would have to be Soft Monster, which is Dorys Bello's solo project. She's in Dracula. For live shows, my favorites are Slashpine, Animal Tropical, and Holly Hunt.

Meat's Smoking Weed With Jesus release party, presented by The End and Roofless Records with Skeleton Warrior, Curious Flux Forces Family Hair Band, and The President. Friday, September 23. Beezelbub's Cave, 164 NW 20th St., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Visit rooflessrex.tumblr.com.

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