Dom Kennedy's Get Home Safely Tour in Miami

Dom Kennedy

Presented by Dope Ent

Avenue D, Miami

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Better Than: These bitches talking a lot of shit about you.

With the cell phones in full attendance, Dom Kennedy strolled onto the stage in his Los Angeles Dodgers hat and Wayne Gretzky jersey.

He began his set with "Dominic" off Get Home Safely. And as he proceeded, nearing the song's finish and reciting, "Might fall asleep on you, no promises. Asked what my real name was, I told her...," fans finished by shouting, "Dominic!"

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"It's deep in this motherfucker tonight," said Dom, placing the mic on the stand. "Who got Get Home Safely?"

After cheers of "yes" and screams from female fans, the rapper ran through "Let's Be Friends," making the audience sway, side to side, as if they were in a kush trance.

"Where my nigga Skeme at?" Kennedy asked. And on cue, his fellow Californian stepped out to perform "If It Don't Make Money," with the audience shouting, "It don't make sense."

After checking how the crowd to his left and right were doing, Dom checked to see how many fans had his Yellow Album project. With more cheers, the rapper tore into "So Elastic," "My Type of Party," and "Girls On Stage."

Reciting lines or finishing one is easy for a crowd to do. But after Kennedy finished his verse and the hook to "We Ball," fans took matters into their own hands and recited all of Kendrick Lamar's verse with absolutely no assistance.

Then, with the lights turned down, Dom set the mood for "South Central Love" and "Still Callin," garnering even more backup from the audience when it came down to the hook.

"Can I do some more old shit?" Kennedy asked. "I want to take it back."

He did, with 2010's "1997" and 2011's "Grind'n." And when he said, "I fuck with Casey Veggies," the audience replied, "That's my little young'un."

After taking a few sips of water and checking whether the crowd was still with him, Dom proceeded with the smooth DrewByrd-produced "Gold Alpinas," leaving female audience members swaying.

"We have a special guest tonight," announced Kennedy. But teasing the fans, Dom did a couple more songs before finally letting everyone know Curren$y was in the building. (Unfortunately, Spitta stopped by only to show love to Dom as the two embraced onstage.)

As the night came to a close with a performance of "Nothin Like Me," Dom thanked his people and provided an a cappella version of "The 5-Year Theory" as the finale.

"Seems like I went from just pickin' rappin' up to everybody new favorite rapper, like fast as fuck."

Critic's Notebook

Wish List: "The Homies" and "Pleeze."

I Spy: Two misplaced guys passing a Black & Mild, back and forth, like a joint.

Personal Bias: Aside from not getting a verse from Spitta, this show was a big deal. And next time, Dom will need to be at a bigger venue to perform for a bigger audience.

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