DMangelo Might Just be Miami's Most Sensual Musician

“Pony” by Ginuwine. “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. Pretty much anything by the Weeknd from his original trilogy of mixtapes. Sometimes, when it’s time to get our freak on, we need a soundtrack.

Regardless of whether it’s a slow burner for some gentle babymaking or quick and dirty beats to get the hips moving, R&B artists have been churning out songs to accompany our sexual adventures for decades. 

"...I definitely got a thing for thick chicks. They inspire me, man."

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But what about the crooners? Are these naughty Cupids as down as they seem in their lyrics?

For one man, Miami rapper and singer DMangelo, sex is both art and life. With the aggressive nature of his songs, he’s somewhere between a smooth-talking street pimp and a real-life version of an even hornier Christian Grey. 
Drawing inspiration from legends like Rakim and Tupac, DMangelo (born DeAngelo Belcher) has released several singles over the last year that aren’t the least bit shy about their subject material. For example, his track “Black Dutchman” has a whip-crack sound followed by the line, “I spank you because I love you.” It’s romance for those with a penchant for bondage and kink. Meanwhile, “Love the Way” is a classic R&B love jam that references Michelle Obama and even makes up a new word, “commandstress,” to emphasize the leadership role his beloved plays in his life. And then there are his publicity photos, so sensual they just might make your computer pregnant. 

Some might have a hard time believing songs such as “Head Doctor,” which is essentially a Penthouse forum letter set to music, aren’t just porno fantasies meant to move units. In fact, according to DMangelo, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We spoke to DMangelo, a Cincinnati native who started writing poetry at a young age before turning to rap, about getting in trouble with the missus, old school hip-hop, and all the freaky shit he’s into. 
New Times: Where does this fascination with bedroom music and seduction come from?
DMangelo: I’ve got a very dysfunctional type of affection for women. All those songs are true stories. It’s just like, I’ll have a situation, and I’ll take a shower and then write about it. However it comes — I guess I never really try and put it in a category, but I definitely got a thing for thick chicks. They inspire me, man. Especially here in Miami.

Speaking of which, there’s a video for the song “FaceTime” that features a woman who seems to be just your type dancing to the music in a very sheer outfit. How’d that come together?
Yeah, that’s Danielle. The crazy shit is, she liked the song. I put the song on Soundcloud, and she got it and was like, ‘I fucking love this song. Can you send a copy of it, and I’ll send you something back?’ So I sent her the song; she sent me that back. Me and my girl almost broke up. It was a whole fucking situation. She saw it first. She saw it on my phone. She throws my phone at me, like, "Fuck you!" But then I ended up getting the girl to do a couple more videos. I gave her some cash. She’s really attractive, and I haven’t even met [her] in person because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna fuck if I do.
So your songs are always about real events in your life?
Yeah. I got three kids. I’ve got a dysfunctional like for girls, man. The song “Hip-Hop Loved Me” — like the way that I talk to women, the way I perceive girls — that’s some shit I got from LL Cool J. That was the guy who taught me how to talk to girls and say the shit they really like. When I get that type of feedback when I attract those types of girls, it’s always these semi-ratchet, semi-professional, thick, crazy, intense-fucking-for-like-a-week-and-then-fucking-steal-your-cellphone type of chicks. It’s inspired some crazy shit. And when I went to Costa Maya, I got into some bondage shit. Black dutchman, that was my password.

You came to Miami to go to college. Any plans on returning home to Ohio to continue your career?
Man, it doesn’t snow here. It’s wonderful here. Where I’m from, you got the seasons, but the weather is shitty and people are mad. I mean, people are mad here, but whatever. Here, I’ve grown to love Miami. I graduated last year, and I was supposed to leave, but I was like, fuck that, man. It’s ridiculously expensive, but I may go take a shower and go to the beach today. Fuck it.
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