DJ Z-Trip at Habitat Skateboard Demo

Tiffany Rainey

MIA Skatepark's Matt Cantor quizzing some kids on their multiplication tables (seriously).

DJ Z-Trip at the Habitat Skateboard Demo

Saturday, October 8, 2008

MIA Skatepark, Doral

Better Than: Lurking on Lincoln Road

Z-Trip who? Though sponsor Fuji Film probably shelled out a pretty penny to get the King of Mash-up to spin at Saturday’s Habitat demo, they could’ve easily plugged in an iPod, hit shuffle, and called it a day. Not to say the hundreds of rail-thin, shaggy-haired prepubescent boys that flocked to MIA Skatepark on Saturday didn’t get some serious skating on to the Australian Arizona DJ -- they most definitely did. But who cares about a DJ (even if he is considered one of the world’s most deft on the decks) when there are real, live pros in the building? Not these serious little skaters.

Between the Habitat crew -- including local Ed Selego -- and perma-spring breaker and Jackass prankster Clyde Singleton, all eyes were glued to the park’s maze of ramps and rails in adulation that bordered on cultish. If these kids paid as much attention in school, Miami would most definitely be leading the pack in Mensa members. Little eyes glazed over, afraid to even blink in case the perfect landing happened in a split second. Yes, it was that serious.

When the crew finally retired their boards for the day, they were mobbed for pictures and autographs before the Dogtown kids went wild on the ramps trying to imitate what they’d just seen. Z-Trip snuck out the door without a second glance. Sure, skate culture and music go hand-in-hand but, in the end, not even the most famous DJ in the world can compare with witnessing the perfect 180.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Between the slamming of decks on ramps and amped-up MCs on the mic, hearing the King of Mash-up was all but impossible.

Random Detail: These kids may still spend hours perfecting their tricks but they have the dress code down. The grimier the gear the better. Posers rock the usual. Those riding the rails are wearing In4mation threads.

By the Way: Mike? No way. These kids want to be like Ed. As co-owner of both MIA Skatepark and shop, Selego is a hometown hero to his flock of admiring little protégés.

-- Tiffany Rainey

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