DJ Woozles: "I'll Play Something Serious With Fart Noises to See If Anybody Notices"

DJ Woozles got his name from watching a movie where Winnie the Pooh takes a psychedelic journey by eating honey before bedtime.

The DJ was with his grandma, who everybody called "Elephant." And since a face-tripping Pooh Bear refers to elephants and weasels as "Hephalumps and Woozles," he says, "I saw my grandma as the Hephalump and I was the Woozle."

But the funny moniker is also underpinned by real musical logic. The Pooh movie was scored by the Sherman Brothers, a team whose wildly eclectic style perfectly mirrors Woozle's own.

"If you listen to the progressions and changes in their songs, that's how my DJ sets are. They change drastically. I like to jump from genre to genre."

And now everybody in the world can hear him do it thanks to his new show on Wynwood's Jolt Radio.

The What In The World? Show with DJ Woozles broadcasts live the second Wednesday of every month on JoltRadio.org, playing wild sets based around changing themes like sex or the jungle.

Woozles, whose real name is Frank Guzman, says, "The radio picked up on me from my last gig at Lester's. I was the monthly Art Walk resident DJ there since 2011. That place was empty a lot of the time, but every second Saturday night of the month, it was like the Bermuda Triangle. I had topless girls dancing on the tables with transexuals in there, and everybody having a good time."

When the small space closed without warning, Woozles was caught by surprise, but he's not mad. "That guy [Daniel Milewski] took a chance on me, and it was a huge success. I'm really appreciative of that. I never had any creative restrictions, and the art community was very welcoming."

To give an idea of what kind of music he plays, the DJ says, "I want people to be like, 'How could he go from Return of the Jedi to Busta Rhymes so clean like that? You never know what's coming next."

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Indeed, Woozles makes the transitions between Afropop, gangsta rap, rock 'n' roll, cabaret, jazz, and techno sound perfectly natural. "I'm a big fan of double meanings too. I'll play something serious and play fart noises in the background to see if anybody notices."

He has fun, but he's not playing games. His company Frankleidoscope recently started selling sunglasses at Pérez Art Museum Miami. And now he's working on a line of bed sheets and alcoholic popsicles.

In fact, Woozles is intent on world domination for himself and his city. "It's bound to happen that Miami will rise up and knock New York, Paris, and L.A. out of the water. I want for Miami to be number one."

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