DJ Stevie J Talks About This Weekend's Festivities, Including a Free Show with Ne-Yo at Club Play Tonight

DJ Stevie J first got his start with legendary Miami-based promoters Headliner Market Group, and he's still rolling along with them five years later. He's been at the the forefront of many of Miami's hottest parties over the past couple of years, and has rubbed shoulders with some of hip-hop's biggest contenders, and this Labor Day weekend will be no exception.

Tonight he will be at Club Play with Ne-Yo performing live for the official Labor Day weekend kick-off, and free entry all night will make for an even more carefree night out. Fast forward to the weekend, and he'll be at a pool party on Saturday, then B.E.D. in the evening, and at LIV on Sunday.

As if all of these events weren't enough motivation to go out this weekend, he is also releasing a Labor Day-inspired mixtape to be given out at all of his parties all weekend long. New Times caught up with DJ Stevie J to discuss his Labor Day Weekend plans, possible celebrity sightings, and what we can expect from him in the future.

New Times: Everybody has seen the T-shirts, but who exactly is....Stevie J?

DJ Stevie J: [Laughs]. Dj Stevie J is just a young man [26] from New York that moved to Miami and started a DJing career for himself in Miami. Really, I'm just trying to do everything possible to be successful.

How did you end up on the DJ side of things? And how has it gone for you so far in your career?

I've been in music all my life. It all started with me as a drummer in church. I did that for a couple of years of my life. Then got into producing beats, and then that lead in to DJing. So far everything has definitely been OK. It's been a lot of hard work, but what's a job without hard work? Overall, its been a lot of progression, and good things are happening for me. I just gotta keep working. I'm very grateful though.

You work with Headliner Market Group. How has that been and how's your relationship with Headliner?

To tell you the truth, Headliner was the first to give me a chance at DJing with a big stage. When I was first starting out, Mike Gardner (CEO of Headliner) believed in me when a lot of other people didn't. I really didn't know how to DJ when I first started. I knew how to "play records," but did not know how to "DJ". There's a difference. But he gave me time to learn while DJing his parties. It's kind of crazy, if you really think about it. I've been DJing for 5 years with Headliner, which is basically my whole career. So with that being said, Headliner is my family and the relationship is very strong and positive. We're just trying to keep winning, keep building, and keep working.

You have a busy weekend, as most weekends are, but what exactly can we expect from a Stevie J party?

You're gonna be around a lot of bottles and models. [Laughs]. Of course, the best selection in music. A lot of energy, hooooold up...I mean A LOT of energy, Smiles, good vibes...you know, a night to remember.

I know you have Club Play on Friday night with Ne-Yo, what else do you have in store this weekend?

Aside from tonight at Club Play, I'm also DJing a pool party Saturday afternoon at The National Hotel with a few celebrity friends. Saturday night I'm at Club B.E.D. And Sunday, I'm at the best party in the world... Imagine Sunday at LIV in the Fountainebleau, hosted by Young Jeezy this week.

What's the most memorable party that you've DJed and/or hosted?

The most memorable party was a New Years Party 2006-2007 I believe at Karu & Y. That was when Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, D-Wade and others surprisingly showed up. I could say that night really put me on the map. It was a good look. A Great feeling. Progression....

What are your top five songs to play in the club right now?

1) Rick Ross - "B.M.F."
2) Souljah Boy - "Pretty Boy Swag"
3) DJ Khaled - "All I Do Is Win"
4) Cali Swag District - "Teach Me How To Dougie"
5) Drake - "Fancy"

You have a new mixtape out as well? Please tell us a little about it. Do you put them out often.

Yeah. My last mixtape was a Memorial Day Weekend mixtape hosted by DIDDY. I'm now releasing a Labor Day Weekend Mixtape for this weekend. I really try to do holiday mixtapes, like for the big weekends.

Definitely. So any last words?

Ahhh. Just keep watching out for me. I'm not gonna stop working. Shout out to everybody that has helped me in my career: Mike Gardner, Phil the Mayor, Lia Ames, all my supporters! All my twitter followers [Laughs].

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