DJ Laz Talks Returning to Miami Radio: "I'm Still Split 50/50, But My Girl Miami's Gettin' a Little Extra at Bedtime"

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Where the #!@% is DJ Laz?

Well, last night, the Pimp With the Limp and his current employer, Spanish Broadcasting System, held a press conference at the Doubletree Grand Hotel's Briza on the Bay to officially answer that question.

There were todas las estrellas y los DJs from "Miami's New # 1 Party Station™ DJ 106.7FM," a few Miami-Dade politicos, and famous Laz fans like comedian Carlos Mencia, Colombian pop guy Fonseca, and Latin rap-dance dude Maffio.

And since the guest of honor is an avid Hennessy drinker and fully sponsored brand ambassador who ain't averse to drinking a lil' on the job, the free Henny was abundant.

"Wow! What a welcome-home party," Laz hollered. "This is Miami! And you know how we can tell? 'Cause we're all sweatin' really baaaad.

"I spent the last couple of months in Los Angeles. But you know what? I'm back home in the M-I-A. So now the Pimp With the Limp is on the East Coast and the West Coast ... How they do!

"I took some time off when I resigned from the other station [Power 96] and I went fishing all over the Bahamas. But three weeks into it, I realized that I'm ready to do this full time again!"

Crossfade: So really, where the #!@% was DJ Laz?

DJ Laz: I was just out in Los Angeles for the last 60 days, starting up a new station [ LA 96.3FM]. Expanding the DJ Laz brand, baby!

Will the new Miami morning show actually be broadcast from South Florida?

Absolutely. Just so you know, this is not a syndication. This is not a 6 a.m. show played in Miami and then rebroadcast in Los Angeles. It'll be two separate shows: one for Miami, one for Los Angeles. I'm gonna be the handicap version of Ryan Seacrest!

How does it feel to be returning home to Miami? You got tingles all over, right?

Amazing. Listen, I'm a Miami boy. Every time I was out in L.A., the people were asking me about home. And I'm a Miami boy at heart, even though I was having an awesome time in Los Angeles. But I just feel like Dorothy, "There's no place like home! There's no place like home!"

So what's the master plan with DJ 106.7 FM?

Total domination of the radio market in South FLA! Without a doubt!

The last time Crossfade and DJ Laz spoke, you compared splitting your time between Los Angeles and Miami to "having two women." But I guess Miami's no longer your girl on the side. She got her wifey status back, huh?

I'm still splitting my time 50/50. But home is home ... And my girl Miami will be gettin' a little extra at bedtime. You know what I'm sayin'?

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