DJ Khaled Smokes Weed With Fistfighting Strippers at Kiss the Ring Party in Miami

At exactly 46 minutes past midnight on Monday, King of Diamonds, Miami's most baller big-booty strip club, gave notice via Twitter that "DJKHALED gon have #KOD TURNT THE FUCK UP TONIGHT!!!!"

And turnt the fuck up the place certainly was.

Judging from Dazed One's video recap of Khaled's Kiss the Ring release party at KOD, it seems the We the Best/YMCMB boss came rolling deep and rolling green, surrounded by only the finest nude females that Miami has to offer. Stacks on top of stacks shit.

Holy Escalade, Batman! Khaled and his boys don't play. They brought that "Bitches and Bottles" shit to life. Look at those nipple piercings ... They cost more than our apartments.

Fuck "kissing the ring," them girls got all up in it and fought eachother while Khaled and Birdman sat ringside, puff-puff passin' till their eyes bled. You know it's a party when the girls got gloves on.

We The Best and YMCMB were repping mad hard, holding something like a brick of greenbacks in their icy hands.

And as you could imagine, the man of honor let loose a thunderstorm all over the place. Who needs this money? Because he doesn't.

Of course, Khaled made sure to show his Twitter and Instagram followers how much of a good time he was having. Look at that smiling face. He's a proud man.

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