DJ Heather

On Dancefloor Principles, DJ Heather of the house-centric, Chicago-based Super Jane Collective offers a collection that marks the sixth anniversary of Vancouver, B.C.'s Sonar nightclub, a haven for all genres of dance music in the Pacific Northwest. Putting her extensive DJing talents to work, DJ Heather creates a disc that captures the experience of spinning a set created at Sonar.

DJ Heather does not get too deep, too jazzy, or too banging, choosing some solid numbers that fit firmly into the four-on-the-floor range. Shying away from gratuitously wailing divas, the assortment of hooky vocals featured on the songs enhances, rather than overwhelms, the overall mix. Tracks such as Demarkus Lewis's lively and bright "Waiting"; Chris Lum's floor-churning, body-shaking, and flavorful "Por Que Amor"; and Mazi & Spettro's upbeat, playful "Wrong (Mazi Mix)" highlight DJ Heather's unerring ear for the rolling groove. Elsewhere the Lawnchair Generals manipulate a clever sample into the animated "One Thing." And the ride ends on a bumping note with B-Funk's "Ladies and Gentlemen."

Bypassing the commercial house side and keeping the overall sensibility of the tracks on the underground tip, DJ Heather maintains a balance between some harder-edged techno elements and the familiar feel-good disco aesthetic. With Dancefloor Principles she manages to ably accomplish the difficult task of bringing an authentic and enjoyable club night onto disc without losing anything in the process.

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Lily Moayeri