DJ Garth

While New York, Chicago, and Detroit's DJ/producers were reveling in the spotlight during the early Nineties, San Francisco quietly built a scene that eventually spread across the West Coast. At the heart of it was the Wicked crew: four DJs, one ridiculously superior sound system, and parties that took place on every full moon. Since 1998 one of the four, DJ Garth, has released original music through his own label, Grayhound Recordings, translating what he and his cohorts bring to their dance-floor audiences into varied, complementary albums.

Revolutions in Sound is Grayhound's second compilation. Gathering together a wide selection of material from Rocket, Audio Soul Project, and Garth, among others, it ranges from bouncy disco-fused cuts (Stranger's "Figures on a Wall") to bottom-heavy stormers (Rocket's "Revolution"). Ably and smoothly mixed by Garth, it's an all-around chunky excursion that compacts the essence of the Wicked sound.

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Lily Moayeri