DJ Craze's Slow Roast Thursdays Kickoff Party: "I Don't Play That Fast Food Music"

Walking up the stark stairwell toward the Garret's dance floor, we asked the legendary DJ Craze just where in the hell he got the idea to make a pig his label's mascot. He said it all comes back to something Klever once said.

"I don't play that fast food music," he said. "My tunes are slow roasted."

That's the credo of the whole Slow Roast label family, and it's definitely the calling card of Miami's newest monthly for real music lovers.

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Craze and fellow Slow Roaster Louie Arson popped the cherry on their party last night, and while there's still room to grow, this shit is shaping up to be a don't-miss event.

With no cover charge and buy-one-get-one Grolsch beers, it'd be easy to come just for the wastey-face. Factor in the chance to see one of the world's greatest DJs in his own backyard, mixing and cutting up on exactly the kind of tunes he wants to hear, and you've got to start thanking the underground gods you live in Miami.

Arson got the place warmed up with a bunch of real sexy jams and future beats. He was playing some Aaliyah, Drake, Hot Chip, Kirko Bangz and anything with a dark but delicious groove. He had that slow cooker bubbling up on the dance floor, and by 1 a.m., the place was live and ready for Craze to do his thing.

He grabbed the mic and took control as the crowd gathered around with their camera phones out and their asses shaking. He turned up the volume about three notches and slammed the place with the real trap shit. People were going ape to "Love Sosa," "M.A.A.d. City" and "Dum Dum," but he knew how to slow it down for 'em and work the place up and down.

Fun was the vibe of the night. Girls all over the floor were twerking out and looking for dancing buddies. People were singing along to the songs they knew and hollering for the master whenever he decided to let loose on a record and show off his skills. You better know there was some bar-side dry-humping going on, too.

It was a nice beginning to something we'd love to see continue to grow. Craze said he'll be bringing in some more Slow Roast talent down the road to join himself and Louie Arson, so they can show Miami what the crew is all about. Whoever comes through, you can rest assured you'll never get that cheap, processed music product, just slow-cooked chunes fresh out of the oven.

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