DJ Boris Returns to Space for a Marathon Set This Friday/Saturday

In a world where divas are bionically enhanced, the bloom of marquees and floodlights can be seen from space, and the energy crisis has been averted by harnessing the kinetic motion of dancefloors, power house is the genre of choice. And those who choose power house choose DJ Boris, who established himself in this new millennium as the sound's premiere emissary through his residencies at New York's Crobar and Pacha.

Now he also proudly delivers monthly sets at Club Space, offering up another main room marathon on Saturday, February 21, before moving to the Terrace in the early hours of Sunday, February 22. Unrelenting drums, a deluge of massive riffs, and an unswerving wail for U4IA aid Boris in aiming for the rafters and back rows. The result is a club that condenses into a sauna swept by southern oscillations, the bass bins pushing so much air that speaker tweakers must keep pumping their fists in the air for balance.

DJ Boris. Friday, February 20 through Saturday, February 21. Club Space, 34 NE 11th St., Miami. Doors open at 11 p.m. Friday. Tickets cost $20 for entry before 12 a.m., or $30 before 2 a.m. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-375-0001; www.clubspace.com

-- Tony Ware

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