Discovery en Español's New Artsy Reality Show Could Feature Local Singer Josephine Bauza

Even if you're Hispanic and have lived in South Florida your entire life, you've probably never heard of Discovery Channel en Español. They've got lots of animals, travel, tornadoes, and quite possibly local singer Josephine "La Pepa" Bauza really soon.

The channel (contact your cable provider for availability) recently held a casting looking for Latin singers, composers, photographers, writers, reporters, and designers between the ages of 21 and 25. The last day to submit videos was June 6, and at least one local South Floridian, Bauza, made it into the last casting round. Now she needs Internet votes to make the final cut for the still-unnamed show.

She came across the casting via a Craigslist posting, and the rest is history. "It's a show that's going to take five different types of artists, and they're

going to travel from Alaska to Patagonia and  Argentina for two months doing

projects and creative challenges in each city they stop in with their art," she says.

Her success so far is thanks in large part to her comical, firecracker attitude. Bauza has a huge personality, and doesn't tip-toe around an audience. You won't catch her singing cutesy, fro- frou lyrics just to please a crowd, either. "I try -- emphasis on try -- to avoid the cliché typical chick songm 'It's raining, I love you, I'm crying, and now look, a rainbow,'" she says. "Words

inevitably are power, so I try to write about things in a different

light. I try to be funny, paint a picture, and let strangers in to how I

view things."

You can get some Miami flavor on the upcoming Discovery en Español reality show and vote for her by going to Facebook and doing a search for "DiscoveryKsting." Once, there, just write "I vote for Josephine 'La Pepa'" on their wall.

Here are some videos of her original songs.

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