Diplo Calls Flo Rida a "Fuckboi," Accuses Rapper of Stealing Misogynist Video Concept

Flo Rida is a Florida boy who's basically made a career of ripping off dance music instant classics, and Diplo is a Florida boy who's made a career spawning them.

So far, the two haven't really crossed paths. But it seems that's all changed in the time it takes to shake an ass and tweet "ur a fuck ass fuckboi."

In short, Diplo has accused Flo Rida of stealing the premise for the new "Can't Believe It" music video from an old Dip staple. And now, the producer has challenged the buff man to a street brawl.

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Diplo is admittedly one of the most sarcastic tweeters on the planet, and his threats do seem exaggerative, but how you going to call someone a "fuckboi" and get away with it?

After getting a bunch of retweets and attention for his claims, Diplo tried to assemble a mob.

Then he gave the final call to action.

Still, Diplo doesn't let it get to him.

But the real question: Did Flo Rida rip off Diplo?

In the new video for "Can't Believe It" featuring Pitbull, the two Miami rappers dance about among some video hoffessionals whose butts have been blown up by goofy-goggle special effects. They are stripped of their identities by a kaleidoscope effect turning them into nothing but legs and butts.

There are some infinite-mirror tricks and definitely some choreography that resembles the similarly executed music-video objectification taking place in Diplo's 2012 "Butter's Theme" clip, although Dip's misogyny is a bit more artistically original.

Still, we're not entirely convinced Diplo was the originator of leg-and-ass camera tricks. We recall similar scenes and footage in videos for Justice's "On'n'On" as well as Chromeo's "Fancy Footwork," both predating "Butter's Theme."

But we're kind of down for anything that leaves Flo Rida with egg on his face.

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