Dino Felipe's My Vomit Is a Crystal Ball

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Dino Felipe

My Vomit Is A Crystal Ball (Triangle Earth)

Dino Felipe has been quietly making loud music in his home for over a decade. His prolific catalogue ranges from lo-fi experimental rock, danceable synth pop, and brain shattering noise. Conceived in his Saguecera home, My Vomit Is A Crystal Ball is an intensely personal and accessible album.

While IDM and noise connoisseurs love his entire catalog, sometimes the cacophony is too much for, say, your older sister. Or even Felipe's sister. According to Dino, one of the darkest sounding tracks, "ReUnion" is actually a "happy song, it's about me finding my sister again after 16 years."

The rest of the album pumps straight to the heart. It's overflowing with emotion and it's incredibly bittersweet. The overall feel of the record is like a cool crisp starry night: the beats are cold, the melodies are dark, and the vocals soar somewhere over the Milky Way.

Released on Miami Label Triangle Earth, label head Otto Von Schirach says, "It makes me cry with nostalgia and run around laughing with joy."


Dino Felipe's "Promise Ring"

Dino Felipe's "Promise Ring"

from My Vomit Is a Crystal Ball

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